9 Hot Trends For Winter Season

A new season is upon us and with it an opportunity to spruce up your home. Wondering how to take the chill off this winter? 

1. Cozy Textiles

Soft accessories with extra comfort like flannel sheets, cashmere or wool throws, and cotton quilts are the winter interior design trend that warms all over. Having options folded over the back of a sofa, thrown on a bed, or rolled in a large basket also give the visual feeling of warmth and comfort that appeals to the senses. Knitted accessories are taking the spotlight this winter, with knitted poufs and huge chunky cable-knits replacing subtle weaves. Textiles can take other forms as well. Faux fur stools are great for added seating, while sheepskin rugs offer a warm underfoot on wintry days.

2. Warm Wood Elements

In cold weather, a space with wood finishes or accents gives it a warming effect while acting as a natural insulator. Flooring and wood panels make more of an impact. However, there are simpler solutions too! Swap out a painting for a reclaimed wood art piece or introduce a rustic wood side table like a natural tree stump to place warm beverages. A simple basket with cut fire logs also gives the feeling of being in a great rustic cottage. Organic and lovely!

3. Eye-catching Fireplaces

One of the home’s best places to gather in winter is around the fireplace. Beautiful focal points for kinetic lighting, these add a special ambiance to a room. Let your fireplace make a statement with interesting screens that show off pattern and style. A hot alternative to fire logs is adorning the inside of your fireplace with a candelabra that elevates pillars at varying heights. Your fireplace is not limited to indoors. Enjoy the crisp winter air equipped with blankets and hot cocoa or mulled wine around a backyard fire pit. It’s a great way to enjoy winter nights comfortably. 

4. Stylish Candles

No need to sit in the dark! With shortened days, maximizing ways to add light in spaces is a must. Candles are a favorite due to their calming glow and festive element. Candle holders and votives are always a great go-to accent, but this winter design trend looks to the candlesticks themselves. Add color and even texture with these lovely light sources.

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