Great Tips For Small Bedrooms

As the bed is the main feature in the room and takes up the largest space we need to add wow factors. Layer the bed; textiles are key, so perhaps a cool throw, cosy knitted cushions and gorgeous rumpled linens.

Build up layers and layers of softness so your space feels significantly loungey and cool.
The inspiration for this post was this amazing little bedroom, featured in this month’s Livingetc. It’s the guest bedroom of Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson – the duo behind super cool lighting company Apparatus Studio. What’s so inspiring is how much style and luxury they’ve managed to pack into such a small space – even more amazing when you realise they rent! So if magic like this can be created in a titchy New York apartment, there’s no reason any bedroom can’t be glam, whatever the size.

In small spaces people tend to minimally decorate but if you want a cool space you have to add extras beyond just the bed. Even in the titchiest space you can still embellish your walls, decorate with skinny console, add amazing mirrors and lighting on and on I could go. If you don’t have enough space for a bedside table consider a floor lamp it will anchor the room just like a table and frame the bed. Clever right?

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