Calming and Elegant Space According to Zara Home

What are you tips for creating an elegant and calming bedroom?

“Choose impeccable bedding where whiteness is only broken by touches of metallic details that give a modern and fresh feel, without sacrificing the purity of the white. The bed linen is the secret.”

Why is white always right?

“White has the power of transforming different rooms into attractive spaces for peace and relaxation.”

What key tips do you keep in mind whenever you are setting a dining table?

“A table should be dressed with a wonderful tablecloth. Tableware, cutlery and glasses should be on the same style than the table textiles. We propose a white tablecloth with only white details as trims and embroideries, with a white glass tableware, white cutlery and glasses. You can leave the color on the food or on a beautiful flower bouquet in a white vase.”

What are your tips for successfully creating the all-white look?

“We recommend white prints on white backgrounds that play on creating volumes using embroidery and trims. Decorative objects use the same neutral tones. White must be the main protagonist, all the materials should be white coloured (wood, metal, etc.) Glass is tinted white and all objects are decorated in the same tone: vases, lamps, ashtrays, candelabra.”

What was the inspiration for the new Zara Home collection?

“A flat with white walls, wood floors and voluminous ceilings. The light filtering in through the windows creating brilliant reflections on the white surfaces.”

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